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Our Mission and Vision Statement
We strive to provide our business partners in the markets we serve with the highest added value in operating your processes. It is our passion to reach that objective by providing solutions that:

  • are cost effective
  • have the shortest possible ROI
  • are in compliance with the highest quality standards to meet both industry and our business partners’ production requirement
  • are hallmarked by timely, efficient, and reliable support/maintenance
  • have a limited environmental impact

The both founders of UPrint Technologies have a European background and have been active in the American markets for many years. As such, UPrint Technologies perfectly bridges both European and American cultures.

Our portfolio and interaction between products (between equipment and consumables as well as consumables with consumables) that we offer is aligned in such a way that we provide our business partners the convenience of one stop shopping, proven performance as well as local on-demand support and maintenance.

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Edward Scheppink
Chief Executive Officer

Edward has comprehensive experience in color management, pre-press management and graphics printing (gravure, offset, flexo and screen).

Herbert Skerjanz
Chief Operations Officer

Herbert has extensive experience in re-moisturizing applications, textile printing and color dispensing systems.

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