Pre-press essentials for screens


A market leader in pre-press essentials for screens

Five decades of dedication to the screen printing technology, as an illustration, features this family owned company at its best. At the same time, AMEX Manoukian is dynamic and also customer requirements focused. This is realized, for instance, through the passion for improving the efficiency and quality of the screen printing technology. Therefore, today AMEX has grown into a market leader position in the pre-press essentials for rotary screen market.

The next generation pre-press essentials to improve efficiency in screen making, as well as printing quality

Engaged with customers

Consequently, the market demand engaged customer team of AMEX deploys its decades of experience to find new solutions. But also to keep pace with rapid changing environmental and what’s more the quality requirements. Therefore, this approach will provide innovative products for better printing performance. And so, AMEX offers a complete program of pre-press essentials for making and reclaiming rotary textile as well as label screens.

And developing innovative products

Surely, the core of all AMEX innovation is their sophisticated aboratory. AMEX uses, to illustrate, advanced development technology and high quality raw materials. At the same time, AMEX is respectful for the environment. That is to say, AMEX has developed a portfolio of innovative products. Each solution contributes to improved printing as well as profitability.

As a result highly efficient Pre-press essentials

To conclude, UPrint Technologies offers a complete rotary screen processing portfolio. As a result of the unique formulation of the pre-press essentials, you will achieve high efficiency. But also better printing quality. The next generation photo-emulsion, for example, requires less layers and provides better resistance against ink and as well crisp and sharp details of the printed matter. This solution, for that matter, can save up to 40% in material usage, but also in labor.

Find you application

Textile applications
Product NameApplication
AMEX SCREEN SOL ROTO BLUPhoto-emulsion for the purpose of film, wax, inkjet laser technology
AMEX SCREEN SOL ROTO BLU PLUSPhoto-emulsion for the purpose of film, wax, inkjet laser, CTS technology
Label applications
Product NameApplication
AMEX SCREEN SOL QS VIOLAPhoto-emulsion for laser exposing (CTS), laser engraving (Co2) technology as well as UV-exposing with film
AMEX SCREEN SOL ROTO LASERPhoto-emulsion for the purpose of laser engraving (CTS) technology
AMEX SCREEN-CHEM FILLEROne component retouching laquer for the purpose of filling small pin holes
AMEX SCREEN-CHEM STRIPPhoto-emulsion remover for the purpose of screen reclaiming
AMEX SCREEN-CHEM GHOSTOne component ghost image remover for the purpose of screen reclaiming
AMEX SCREEN-CHEM DEGREASEREco-friendly concentrated degreaser for the purpose to clean the screen before adding the photo-emulsion
AMEX SCREEN-CHEM BOND ARTwo components adhesive for the purpose of mounting aluminum end rings

Our approach to better printing


A clean anilox will print better. Since each application requires its specific cleaning approach, we are here to support you.

A clean anilox will print better.

Each printing application requires its own cleaning strategy. Therefore, UPrint Technologies puts pride in finding the right cleaning agents for your application. Thus proudly offering Flexoclean solutions.

Anilox…. the heart of your flexo press

When you choose an anilox for your job, you base your decision on getting a continuous, precise and constant ink delivery to your flexo plate. However, during utilization of the anilox it is unavoidable that dry ink will build up in the cells. Thus a balanced anilox cleaning strategy will contribute to your ink delivery expectations. That is why, we believe that a clean anilox will print better.

How do we support you?

UPrint Technologies has a systematic approach in supporting you. That is how we will find your anilox cleaning strategy. Our approach consists of four steps: analyzing, proposing, executing and evaluating.

Analyzing your cleaning needs

Your journey starts with our analysis. This analysis is based upon 25 years of knowledge and specially developed analyzing tools. Your application is tested in our laboratory. The final result is a tailor made concept to support your cleaning requirements.

Proposing a balanced cleaning concept

The following step you will receive our concept for daily and periodic cleaning of

  • anilox rolls
  • flexo plate (for example photopolymer or UP-Flex Plate)
  • screen cleaning (for example LABELMesh)
  • equipment and spare parts cleaning

Evaluating your cleaning results

Once you have established more experience benefiting from our cleaning supplies, we will schedule a follow-up to evaluate our solution, perform some deep cleaning and also analyze consumption to provide you the most economical dosing systems.

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