Smart Dispensing Solution



When you select a smart dispensing solution, it ought to reflect the many variables of your print lay-out. Therefore, we will start the journey to jointly define the scope of needs. Hence, this starts with determining the available space for a dispenser first. Equally important is the ink-type you use, besides the number of base colors.

A smart dispensing solution reflects many variables in your print lay-out, not limited to available footprint, ink type, or number of colors.

The GSE Dispensing Solution promise

GSE Dispensing offers solutions that are indeed very accurate in dispensing. Moreover a dispensing solution that helps reducing the environmental impact of inks and ink-related resources. Equally important realizing this ambition through supplying solutions that reduces wastes in ink logistics:

  • equipment
  • software
  • services

It is indeed in GSE Dispensing’s back bone to continuously stand out in the market. That is that the advanced systems with sophisticated software contribute as much as providing you first-class support.

What’s more, a GSE Dispensing Solution has a modular design. Hence an aligned performance of pneumatics, electronics, software, and computer control with the mechanics of fluid flow dynamics.

A smart dispensing solution reflects many variables of your print lay-out, not limited to available footprint, ink type, or number of colors
A smart dispensing solution reflects the number of colors used. GSE provides flexibility in number of components defined
Dispensing Head

Robust, fast and smart

Whenever operating a GSE Dispensing solution, you will find this equipment easy to use, to clean, and to maintain. What’s more, the modular architecture of the equipment and software enables smart customization and quick response manufacturing.

Your support provider

Because GSE Dispensing solutions offers equipment that makes a difference, UPrint Technologies is a proud distributor for North and Central America. In order to ensure your GSE Dispensing solution is in optimal condition, our highly skilled service and maintenance team will assure short support lead times. Together with local inventory of essential parts, you are at all times secured of having your dispensing equipment running smoothly.


UP Flex Plate


UP Flex Plate, powered by UPrint Technologies

The delicate balance between equipment and consumable

No one else than you knows better that high quality flexo printing requires from you managing the delicate balance between the right equipment and using the right consumables. Therefore, to support you in achieving your high printing quality objectives, UPrint Technologies has developed an aligned solutions concept for better flexo printing:

AKK Cosmos Flexo for Direct Laser Engraving of UP Flex Plate

AKK Cosmos Flexo for Direct Laser Engraving

  • AKK Cosmos Flexo for Direct Laser Engraving of
    • UP Flex Plate 
  • Flexoclean Flexo Plate Cleanser

UP Flex Plate Application

UP-Flex Plate, powered by UPrint Technologies, is an elastomer printing material for that reason developed for use in flexo printing. That is why its typically applications are found in flexible packaging, labels and also in tissue printing.

Additionally combined with the direct laser engraving solution of AKK Cosmos Flexo, you will create a standardized flexo plate making process, with guaranteed reproducibility.

UP Flexo Plate powered by UPrint Technologies

More benefits of this plate are that you will realize:

  •   sharp as well as crisp printed letter type
  •   both sharp as well as crisp printed ® and © mark
  •   hence perfect registration
  •   above all excellent color management

UP-Flex Plate offers longevity in printing, optimum ink transfer as well as high print quality and is solvent resistant. Besides a sheet UP-Flex Plate is also available on a roll. UP-Flex Plate is to this end aligned with the AKK Cosmos Flexo direct laser technology, with an unrivaled resolution of 5,080 dpi.

A one of a kind industrialized Flexo Plate making process consisting of only four process steps

Once you choose for UP-Flex Plate combined with AKK Cosmos Flexo you also choose for a standardized four-step flexo printing plate making process:

Step 1.
As a first step the UP-Flex Plate is mounted onto the print sleeve or cylinder. Since you can engrave the plate directly on sleeve or cylinder, precise mounting of the UP-Flex Plate is not needed.

Step 2.
During the next step engraving is done in register when using the AKK Cosmos Flexo laser solution. The plate is immediately fit to register (no further registration is needed).

Step 3.
Following engraving of the plate, you only need to rinse the plate with water. Because a filter will out coarse particles, residual water is harmless

Step 4.
Finally the plate is ready to print. UP-Flex Plate is reusable, storable and can also be disposed eco-friendly (considered normal household waste).

A competitive edge

Finally you have an alternative to offer your customers a competitive edge in displaying their outstanding state of the art packaging, with the highest print quality at high production efficiency, short time to press and at the lowest price.

For the purpose of cleaning your UP Flex Plate, UPrint recommends using a dedicated FlexoClean Flexo Plate Cleaning cleanser to achieve the best cleaning results without abrasing your plate or sleeve.

Plate mounting (process step 1)
Plate engraving (process step 2)

Rinsing of plate (process step 3)

Technical Data 

Material Properties
MaterialEPDM / Elastomer Black
Shore A65 Shore A / 80 Shore A
Compressibility1.14 mm (135 N/cm2 >_ 0.03mm)*

Back0.007″ Polyester
Plate Thickness0.045″ – 0.250″
Maximum width of plate50″
Maximum length of roll9.5 meters

Printing Surface
SurfacesFine Grind
RoughnessRa : 0.9 micron

*suitable for UV curing inks, solvent-based inks, alcohol-based inks, as well as water-based inks. 

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