A clean anilox prints better

Anilox Cleaning Strategy


An Anilox Cleaning Strategy


Well cleaned anilox rolls or sleeves are determinative in achieving the required color. Therefore, a balanced anilox cleaning strategy will support your print operation efficiency. UPrint Technologies is here to help you: with dedicated cleaners for daily and weekly cleaning, supplemented by periodic deep cleaning on site by our technicians.

A revolution in periodic anilox deep cleaning: the Clean Solutions Group Deepwave

The Deepwave will fit seamlessly into your anilox cleaning strategy. Besides that this revolutionary contactless deep cleaning device will bring your anilox rollers in the best condition, you will achieve quality printing against low operational costs. In order to help you achieve that goal, UPrint Technologies offers a one of a kind anilox rollers cleaning support plan:

Clean Solutions Group Deepwave
  1. Analyzing the current condition of your anilox rollers;
  2. Initial treatment of anilox deep cleaning with Clean Solutions Group Deepwave on site;
  3. For daily and weekly cleaning you follow our tailor developed Green Solutions Group anilox cleaning plan by using our dedicated Clean Solutions Group cleansers;
  4. Based upon your usage of anilox rollers, we mutual agree upon a once or twice a year anilox deep cleaning with Clean Solutions Group Deepwave by our anilox cleaning service team;
  5. Analyzing anilox condition and evaluation.

We are here to help you

UPrint Technologies is there for you to support you in keeping your anilox in optimum condition. We will execute this promise by advising you on implementing a smart cleaning concept. Therefore will our concept contribute highly to more efficient quality printing. For instance through reduction of waste of substrate as well as ink consumption, and by achieving the required color faster. An anilox that transfers the right volume of ink, will also contribute to less machine downtime, as you avoid anilox cleaning during the job. Summarized a well-performing anilox will increase efficiency in printing.

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