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Clean anilox. Better printing results

A Clean Anilox. Better Printing Results.

The heart of flexo printing is the anilox. Therefore, a clean anilox will contribute to better printing results. For that reason, our services are aimed to achieve such a cubic volume of your anilox, as if the anilox is brand new. Thus, the returned and clean anilox will bring better printing results. Additionally, you can benefit from Clean Solutions Groups’ experience through UPrint Technologies improving anilox performance service team. We provide the following services:

  • cubic volume measurement
  • overview of the state of each printing tool through and clear reporting per anilox roll
  • help when encountering printing problems
  • training your staff to implement a good cleaning protocol
  • deep cleaning service of your anilox rollers through a revolutionary contact free effective cleaning of the anilox
  • install dosing system to dilute cleaners with water
  • automate your cleaning process

UPrint Technologies Anilox Cleaning Services

The first step of our service is analyzing your anilox base. We perform this analysis by a 3-D microscopic camera. Next, we deep clean your anilox. After this deep cleaning we will analyze the cleaned anilox and provide you a detailed report about the status of your anilox. Finally, we will recommend a cleaning strategy. This cleaning cycle can repeat once or twice a year, depending on the usage of the anilox.

UPrint Technologies maintains local inventory of your anilox cleaning agents

UPrint Technologies keeps your tailor-made Clean Solutions Group cleaners on inventory to ensure short and efficient delivery lead times. As a result, leading anilox manufacturers recommend UPrint Technologies anilox cleaning services.

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