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Enhance the silent sales man


The silent sales man on the shelf.

An attractive packaging or a label is a silent sales man. After all, the consumer will make its purchase decisions based upon the packaging or label design, crisp appearance, and the colors used. Therefore, brand owners are investing a lot of time and effort, making the packaging or label design an integral part of their marketing strategy. Thus, enhance the silent sales man with our support.

Enhance the silent sales man. Attractive packaging or label will influence the consumer purchase decision


You prefer, we provide: the AKK philosophy

It is our aim to support you in meeting constantly changing printing requirements. Therefore, we want to be continuous at the leading edge of innovation. That is the best summary of AKK’s philosophy. Thus understanding that an attractive packaging or label design will enhance the silent sales man.

We put you first

AKK fulfills your satisfaction, by putting you first. Therefore, we strive to develop a solution that is in compliance with your needs. You will experience this core competence throughout the whole company. That means, our approach starts from the very moment a project is defined until when we have installed the solution.

AKK values

AKK has taken up the cause to operate through values. Thus earning your satisfaction. These values help you in improving your printing performance through :

  • high product and service quality
  • optimum cost-effectiveness
  • comprehensive environmental protection
  • maximum safety

We are only satisfied when you are

The DNA of AKK is realizing continuous improvement of services and products to earn your trust. Therefore, AKK is working with precise targets to make changes comparable and measurable. This is how we support you in creating maximum added value. 

Enhance the silent sales man

An attractive packaging or label design will stand out on the shelf. Therefore we designed a solution so you can realize these objectives through:

  • the incomparable resolution of the image
  • user friendly and flexible software

Thus enabling countless design possibilities with AKK laser equipment. Discover the advanced portfolio for flexo plate making or rotary screen making. You will open up a world of new high quality design opportunities.

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