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Flexographic printing…. a versatile printing technology

Flexographic printing is hands-down the better alternative when it comes to various surfaces, since the technology has no trouble with reproducing labels on any porous or non-porous substrates. Therefore, this technology can print on all types of fabrics, paper, photo paper, corrugated cardboard, metallics, cellophane, and glass. In fact, flexography is even used on stretchable plastic and on the reverse side of non-porous film. You essentially have your choice of materials when printing labels and product packaging.

AKK Cosmos Flexo…. bringing flexographic printing to a higher quality level

Until now, the AKK Cosmos Flexo is the best in class of Direct Laser Engraving. For instance, this solution distinguishes itself through:

  • Easy in handling, and also a small footprint
  • Fast, and yet high quality, as well as high resolution engraving

and specifically only requires four process steps:

  1. mounting of plate on sleeve (or cylinder)
  2. engraving of the plate
  3. rinsing of the plate
  4. ready to print

You will reduce time to press, eliminate chemical usage and at the same time you will standardize your plate production with guaranteed reproducibility.

Preparing your high quality and high resolution flexo plates or sleeves has never been so easy as with the AKK Cosmos Flexo

Easy Plate or Sleeve Mounting

High Resolution Laser Source

Guaranteed Plate or Sleeve Reproducibility

Thus a perfect combination: AKK Cosmos Flexo and UP Flex Plate

Besides engraving metal back plates for 2-piece can printing, the AKK Cosmos Flexo laser solution can also be used for engraving UP Flex Plate used in label printing, and UP Flex Plate used in flexible packaging printing. What’s more, the laser solution can be seamlessly aligned with your preferred flexo making process, for plate, sleeve or both. You can choose between different power sources, as well as single or double beam to achieve the right solution.

Easy to operate flexible Software

Furthermore, the advanced software provides many tools to improve your print quality, such as :

  • dot undercut
  • as well as variable dot setting

When you want to discover how you can benefit from AKK Cosmos Flexo, then talk with an expert. While examining your printing requirements, we will jointly determine which specification suits you best.

Preparing your high quality and high resolution flexo plates or sleeves has never been so easy as with the AKK Cosmos Flexo

AKK in-house developed Software

Technology at a glance
Engraving width900 mm
2,000 mm
3,000 mm
Laser sourceFiber Yag
or Co2
Power500 – 1,500 Watt
SoftwareAKK in-house developed software– dot undercut
– variable dot shoulder setting

Dry Offset
Label Printing
Flexible Packaging
Tissue Printing
Security Printing
Two piece can printing
Advantages at a glance
High Resolution (for instance to 5,080 dpi)
Short time to press
Easy handling, as well as easy maintenance
Guaranteed Reproducibility
Four process steps only (both plate and sleeve)
No chemical use

The AKK Cosmos for Flexible Packaging (for both plate and sleeve system)

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