AKK Cosmos for Flexible Packaging


AKK Cosmos for Flexible Packaging

Chiefly, the AKK Cosmos Flexo is designed for Flexible Packaging. Since today’s advanced flexo printing machines are equipped with central drum printing, these printing assets consequently provide the opportunity for high speed as well as high quality printing. Therefore, conventional plates -even with a small gap- can cause bouncing of the machine at high speed, limiting to use your advanced printing equipment at its full potential. For example, a seamless endless sleeve will solve that bouncing.

A solution thus designed for seamless sleeves

As a result, UPrint Technologies offers a unique engraving process for seamless sleeves. As an illustration, the YAG laser source will support high quality printing, consequently with a uncomparable 5,080 dpi as achievable result. Therefore, you can offer the high demanding brand owners crisp and sharp print, as well as perfect color. This is because of the state of the art in house developed AKK software, with unlimited design options.

AKK Cosmos Flexo for flexible packaging
AKK Cosmos with cantilever cylinder

Maximum flexibility: EPDM plates, dry offset, sleeves as well as cylinders can be engraved.

Cantilever with air supply

When using the innovative cantilever system quick change of sleeves is made easy.

Mandrill for easy mounting as well as demounting of a sleeve

The mandrill can be swiffled and the sleeve can be pushed on or off with great ease, because of to air supply in the mandrill

Mandrill with sleeve mounted ready to engrave

The mandrill with the sleeve is moved back to the starting position, locks into place and then the engraving data can be entered.

AKK Cosmos flexo for flexible packaging software is easy to make state of the art design
In-house developed easy to use AKK software

Therefore, the AKK software offers many setting options and can as well be reprogrammed to blend into your work flow, if required.

High resolution engraving process with as a result advanced print quality

The sleeve / cylinder gets engraved through 1, or an additionally 2nd beam with as a result a resolution of up to 5.080dpi.

AKK Cosmos flexo for flexible packaging
Wash out of sleeves without using harmful chemicals

The last process step is cleaning of the sleeve / cylinder must be cleaned. This can be done -for example- automatically in a cleaning machine or by hand in a bath.

Sleeve is ready to print

Then the sleeve / cylinder is ready for printing.

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