AKK Cosmos for Label


A label is often referred to as the silent sales man. Because it is on the shelf, where a good designed and printed label will help making the purchase decision. Therefore, brand owners are developing creative labels to stand out from the ordinary.
For this purpose has AKK developed advanced software and direct laser engraving technology to support the highest resolution in label printing, the AKK Cosmos for Label. The 3-D engraving technology, provides you many design options, such as undercut, and variable shoulder setting, all with the aim to improve the print results. And so will this advanced technology support you in printing beautiful striking labels. You need only two steps required to be ready for press, namely engraving of plate and wash out of plate.

AKK Cosmos for Label
AKK COSMOS for Label Plate Engraving

The AKK Cosmos provides optimal flexibility. Cylinders from the printing machine, as well as printing sleeves can be used, to engrave plate on cylinder, or plate on sleeve. This will guarantee perfect registration and less plate damage.

Plate Mounting of vacuum cylinder or printing cylinder

Additionally, customized designed vacuum cylinder with register system ensures exact positioning of the EPDM plates. The EPDM plate must be taped on printing cylinder

Software of AKK Cosmos for Label
Advanced in-house developed AKK software provides support for optimal creativity

AKK adapts to the needs of the customer. The advanced in-house developed AKK software offers many setting options and can also be reprogrammed for the customer‘s work flow if required.

State of the art YAG laser technology for fast EPDM plate engraving

The plate gets engraved by 1 or 2 beams with up to 5.080dpi directly on the printing plate.

After engraving wash out of plate

The cylinder must be cleaned. This can be done automatically in a cleaning machine or by hand in a bath.

Ready for Printing

Finally, the cylinder is ready for printing. The printing cylinder is used for engraving and printing. No extra mounting of the plate. The 4c design will fit perfect during printing.

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