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AKK DLI ROTARY SCREEN…. the next level in screen imaging

AKK DLI Rotary Screen offers a revolution in digital screen imaging, since this Rotary Screen exposing solution distinguishes itself through:

The AKK DLI for rotary screen imaging is an advanced exposing unit. It will provide both high quality screen image as reduced time to press
  • Easy Handling
  • Small Footprint
  • Quick to press
  • High Quality Imaging (variable cell opening)
  • For LABELMesh, as well as Plate exposing

and requires chiefly just two process steps (after applying emulsion),

  1. imaging of screen material (exposing of emulsion)
  2. next automatic wash out of screen

Quick to press, high quality imaging, as well as process standardization

When operating the AKK DLI Screen, you will shorten the rotary screen imaging process. Because this exposing solution is the fastest screen exposing solution in class. For example, a typical rotary screen (176T – 506 MM Cut length) will be exposed in about 8 minutes. You will realize quicker time to press as a result. Equally important, the process standardization of your screen production will result in guaranteed reproducibility.

Suitable for both rotary and plate screen material

AKK DLI Screen imaging solution is available as dedicated design for rotary imaging of screen Mesh, or dedicated design for flat imaging of screen Plate (such as Screeny or TecScreen) material. Besides both separated solutions, we also offer a combination to image both technologies. The advanced imaging technology accurately duplicates any design to a screen, resulting in perfect smooth curves and crisp letter sharpness, as well as ® and © marks and difficult letter types. That is why we define the quality as digital imaging resembling traditional film quality.

High Resolution, smooth curves, crisp letters and special marks

Furthermore, combined with the AKK DLI Screen imaging solution we offer an automated screen washer, to rinse out non-exposed emulsion.

Hence, we want to provide you a competitive edge

In conclusion, the AKK DLI Screen imaging solution will help you improve your screen printing quality. Furthermore, it will reduce the rotary screen making process. That is why this imaging device is your best imaginable partner in screen label printing. Additionally, UPrint recommends to use LABELMesh for the best performance.

If you want to learn more, talk with an expert to that end to discover how you can benefit from AKK DLI Screen.

Technology at a glance
Maximum Imaging widthFrom 600 mm (24″) to any required width till 3,500 mm (138″)
Laser SourceDLI LED Technology
Power230V – 2.5 kVa
SoftwareAKK in-house developed Software
Flat Imaging of Screen (for instance Screeny, or Tec Screen)
Rotary Imaging of Screen (for example as LABELMesh)
Advantages at a glance
High Resolution (2,540 dpi)
Short time to press (for instance 176T – 506 mm takes an average 8 minutes of exposing)
Smooth curves (for example variable cell opening)
Crisp letters
Crisp (r) as well as (c) marks
Easy Handling as well as Maintenance
High Design Flexibility
Reproducibility of screen making guaranteed
No Chemical Use

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