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WEKO DigiCon and WebCon


WEKO DIGICON - Conditioning through remoistening

WEKO Digicon

Conditioning of paper through remoistening in the High Speed Digital inkjet Printing Industry by WEKO Digicon or WEKO Webcon reverses undesirable effects like paper curl, waviness, electrostatic charges and register differences.

Effective and Efficient

Besides supporting excellent printing results, the WEKO technology is also efficient in the exact required sprayed water quantities. Therefore, you are saving valuable resources.

WEKO Digicon and Silicon Option

Global Player partnering with market leaders of printing presses

Hence, WEKO is a global partner with market leading printing press manufacturers. This is because the WEKO technology sets the industry standard in inline remoistening. Another key point is that with local service and spare part points, we provide the best possible support in servicing and maintaining your spray units.

The WEKO Digicon technology in brief

The WEKO liquid supply unit provides the exact amount of liquid. The integrated pump transports the liquid from a storage tank to the rotor carrier. The rotor disc spindles and forms pre-defined jet stream of micro droplets. These micro droplets spray evenly over the web, and create therefore a uniform liquid film. Unused liquid returns to the liquid storage tanks.

How to start?

UPrint Technologies has a very advanced team, that will advise you about the possibilities of the WEKO technology. With your call, we will get you started and experience how the WEKO technology will improve the digital printing results. We also offer the option to run test trials or provide equipment loaners for dedicated performance test.

Conditioning through remoistening (from no treatment to full treatment)

Testing of right amount of remoistening (left no treatment, right various levels of treatment)

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