Non-contact functionality optimization

WEKO Flow and SIGMA Liquid Application System


Non-contact liquid application system

WEKO Flow and Sigma Liquid

The WEKO Flow and WEKO Sigma is a non-contact liquid application system. For instance, a wide variety of liquids can be applied with the highest precision and reproducibility to enhance surface functionality on different materials.

The WEKO Flow and WEKO Sigma technology in brief

The WEKO Flow liquid supply unit transfers the chosen liquid to the WEKO Sigma rotor carrier. The flow unit controls the desired amount of liquid. The rapid spinning rotor discs create a pre-defined jet stream of micro droplets sprayed onto the surface. These droplets form therefore a consistent and evenly film onto the surface. What’s more, the application volume adjusts to the speed of the web. Additionally, non-sprayed liquid will return to the storage tank of the machine.

Typical Applications

The WEKO Flow and WEKO Sigma finds its usage in a wide variety of industries. For example, in the Paper Printing Industry to remoisten paper, release liners for self-adhesive labels, packaging liners, abrasive papers, coating applications and many more.

How to start?

UPrint Technologies has a very advanced team, that will advise you about the possibilities of the WEKO technology. With your call, we will get you started and experience how the WEKO technology will improve the digital printing results. We also offer the option to run test trials or provide equipment loaners for dedicated performance test.

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