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Textile revolution with WEKO NEO


Textile revolution with WEKO | NEO is here. Since the world-wide textile production is suffering from cost pressure and the desire to reduce consumption of water, energy and chemicals. Therefore, the advanced WEKO | NEO technology combines a more sustainable process with cost saving production.

A newly developed innovation for the textile industry to revolutionize the wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry finishing process. For instance, immense water, energy and chemical savings will help you to a sustainable production process. What’s more, the WEKO | NEO is used for a large variety of finishing applications in the Textile World and can be also used for Yarn dying. In addition, WEKO has partnered with Chemical Manufacturers to find excellent savings and product effects in the DENIM Manufacturing.

The WEKO | NEO technology in brief – Single or both sides fluid application

The specially designed WEKO | NEO system and the new processing is adaptable to any existing or new stenter frame, coating or Pad-Steam line or on any section of a slasher or loop dyeing range. One system fits it all spending the given savings in resources and costs.

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Your Benefits

  • Uniform, precise and contactless minimum application
  • Single-sided, double-sided or double-sided different application
  • Dye bath / chemical bath remains clean
  • no tailing
  • No center-side variation
  • Low pick-up of only 12-35
  • up to 80% less drying energy
  • up to 80% less fresh and waste water consumption
  • up to 60% less chemical consumption
  • Easy installation also on existing machines
  • Easy operation via touch screen

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