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WEKO | AP Powder Application System



The WEKO | AP Powder Application system is the latest version of efficient powder spraying for the Offset sheet printing industry and is designed to meet the needs of today’s high speed offset presses. Its precise and uniform spraying application technology will help keep your environment clean and your production stable.

How it works

A powder-air mixture is precisely applied to the web through the Precision Metering System (PMS). Uniform air flow transports the powder through the nozzles. What’s more, the control unit calculates and monitors the function of the system. Furthermore, this unit adapts the amount of powder to the format and speed of the machine. This combination in geometry allows for the highest transfer efficiency of the powder particles, as well as economy in powder consumption.

WEKO AP Efficient Powder Spraying

WEKO | AP Powder Application System

WEKO Efficient Powder Sparying

The right system for any machine

UPrint Technologies offers, powered by WEKO, several solutions for offset presses, from small to medium web, as well as for medium to large web. Furthermore, we provide solutions for different speed ranges and also for different powder applications.

Let us help you finding the right system for your machine

Our powder spraying expert team will support you in finding the right system for your offset press.

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