Perfect Proofer for flexo

The Challenge in creating the right color

Creating the right color is important to meet your customer expectations. Ink management will be -for that reason- an important part in your printing process. For instance, advanced dispensing solutions will support you in making the right color in the right quantity. But also with the help of an ink draw down, with the perfect proofer for flexo.

However, variation in substrates, type of flexo plates, doctor blade condition and change of anilox specifications are parameters that will influence the color outcome from job to job. Thus, predicting the color off press, will reduce your set-up time and waste of substrate and inks.

We have the solution

Meet the Evolution Series ES 100, the perfect proofer for flexo. This hand held proofing device utilizes, for example, the same components on your flexographic printing press, including plates, sticky bag and doctor blades. Subsequently, by making a draw down, you will have a truly proof of the ink like on press. Hence, the ES 100 is designed to use all of your 1″ anilox rolls and are easy to exchange.

Perfect Proofer for Flexo

The ES 100 is easy in use, and also highly effective. This modular build color proof solution can, for example, be adjusted towards your flexo press settings. A simple adjustment of flexo plate and anilox, in similar fashion to your press set-up, will improve the prediction of your color outcome on your press.

Perfect Proofer for flexo uses standard flexo plates to mirror your flexo press set-up

Resembles your print press

The ES 100 uses likewise photopolymer plates as you use on your presses. Therefore the used plate material can be processed by yourself. This results in flexibility as well as enables you to customize your plate files, and resolution of plate to your own testing requirements. Furthermore, the patented dot gain technology gives you the ability to measure density and dot gain on your draw down, assuring accurate prediction of the ink performance on press.


  • You can use any 1″ anilox
  • Snap in dual blade ink metering system
  • Toolless quick change anilox
  • Designed for any anilox plate and sticky bag thickness


  • Enables you to mirror anilox on press
  • Easy and clean way of doctoring
  • Enables using different anilox types
  • Enables to mimic flexo plate and sticky bag use on press
Anilox 1″
Quick Change Anilox
Snap-in Dual Blade

Innovative Doctor Blades


Innovative Doctor Blades by PrimeBlade Sweden

Increase of printing speeds, more colors as well as demand of finer details are today’s challenges in flexographic and gravureprinting. Doctor blades, for example, are used in the most sensitive area of the printing process. Thus there is where the end result is determined. Innovative Doctor Blades by PrimeBlade is how we define solutions for better printing.

We want to make it easier

It is the back bone of PrimeBlade Sweden to make the printing process easier. To create a worry-free print production, with high uptime, reduction of waste as well as keeping production teams happy. That journey starts with finding the right doctor blade for your jobs. Together, we will go over your press operation set-up, length of job, anilox, and also specific inks used. After all, it is necessary to consider the application, i.e. the environment that the material will experience. For that purpose, we have different solutions for any application, in flexo-, gravure, as well as offset printing.


A highly innovative technology in doctor blades: Nano. Following a precision technology treatment of the highest quality steel, with the objective to reduce the wear, combined with an increase of the lifetime of the doctor blade and anilox. This special treatment also reduces the environmental impact, which is the objective of many brand owners. Therefore, when choosing PrimeBlade doctor blades, you also choose for a circular solution.

Innovative Doctor Blade Nano Technology
Innovative Doctor Blade Nano Technology

Innovation is the key to support the printing process. The state of the art, world-class 900 Nano series products will improve the printing quality. This series is a unique range of doctor blades with enhanced properties. A special patented treatment, inducing changes in the steel, provides reduced wear and thus longer lifetime, as well as improved surface quality.

Complete program

PrimeBlade Sweden completes the supply program with high quality Prime | Seals.

Choosing a world-class supplier

When choosing PrimeBlade high quality doctor blades, you also choose for reliable and the best in class support, such as education, consultation and technical support.

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