AKK Cosmos Flexo

AKK Cosmos 2 piece can

From metal back plate to high resolution can printing

Preparation of your printing plates for 2 piece can printing has never been such an easy, clean, efficient and industrialized procedure. In just four process steps you will realize high resolution printing plates, with perfect registration in your printing press. The 3-D engraving technology, provides you many design options, such as undercut, and variable shoulder setting, all with the aim to improve the print results

The AKK Cosmos for 2 piece can printing is standard equipped with a magnetic drum, perfectly aligned with UP Flex metal back plate for can printing.

Customized locating pins ensure exact positioning of the UPrint Technologies EPDM metal back plate. There is no need for adhesive tape.

Depending on the application, between 1 and 12 EPDM plates can be attached to the magnetic cylinder.

In-house developed user friendly AKK Template Software allows easy transfer of files to EPDM plates (CtP). Files can be easily dragged to the virtually displayed plate position on the monitor for reviewing the design.

Engraving is completed with a resolution up to 5,080 dpi and 650 Watt Laser power.

Easy cleaning with water pressure. Green process = No toxic waste.

The EPDM plates are now ready for printing. The design will perfectly fit.

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