LF Series Flexo Logistics Label

Printed Published Material….. creating more awareness
Receiving consumer awareness requires more creativity to differentiate from the average. Marketing designs are getting more complicated to produce, demanding for a printing solution that enables to combine multiple printing technologies in one run and can produce multiple layers.

The DOWELL LF Series
The answer to producing multiple label layers is the DOWELL LF Series flexo press. This easy in operation press is designed with a second web path with a sliding rail. Both webs have separate tension control. It allows lamination to realize a 3 layers logistics label. This press is available in 420 mm and 520 mm width.

LF Series… the solution for producing multiple layer labels
The LF Series is a user friendly, quiet press, designed to optimize cost efficiency of producing multi layer labels

The LF Series is equipped with twin servo technology to enable you tighter registration and higher automation, and therefore contributes that you can reduce press set-up time, decrease expensive waste material with the aim to achieve better cost efficiency. Together with a standard pre-registration and the a short web path, the LF Series has the smallest footprint on the market.

Optimal flexibility that suits your printing processes
The LF Series has a modular design. You can tailor the press exactly to your printing process and requested label designs. The modular design will allow you adding process stations, such as lamination, butt slice, non-stop waste remover or a full servo fan folding unit.

Double Unwinding

For laminating 3-layers

Upper Paper Web

Each web has separate tension control

Cutting Station
Matrix Removal Station
Fan Folding Station (full servo)

Support through user friendly software
The modular design combined with our user friendly software, allows you to move stations around to realize the most challenging label designs.

Your next step
Reach out to us and we will inventory your printing challenges and press design a “suit to fit”.

Technical Data
Machine Type420520
Speed (m/min) (feet/min)150 (495)150 (495)
Print Web Width (mm)420520
Print Repeat (mm) min – max269.88 – 619.13269.88 – 619.13
Maximum Web Width (mm)450550
Maximum Unwind Diameter (mm)10001000
Maximum Rewind Diameter (mm)10001000
UV Curing Power (W/Inch)400 – 600400 – 600

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