MF Series Flexo Combo

Today’s Label Printer’s challenges
More colors, ever increasing complexity of label designs, shorter run lengths and just in time delivery requirements are some of the challenges that you face in your day to day operation. A way to address these challenges is by improving your print efficiency in realizing quick machine set-up times, low waste of expensive materials (substrate and ink) and optimal flexibility.

MF Series: meet the future
The experience input from Swiss engineering (GRE) and the vision that a label press should not only meet today’s printing challenges but also those of tomorrow, makes the MF Series ready for the future.

MF Series : State of the art technology
The MF Series is a user friendly, quiet press, designed to optimize cost efficiency of your label printing process.

The MF Series is equipped with twin servo technology to enable you tighter registration and higher automation, and therefore contributes that you can reduce press set-up time, decrease expensive waste material with the aim to achieve higher profitability. Together with a standard pre-registration and the shortest possible web path the MF Series has the smallest footprint on the market.

Operating the MF series…. easy as one-two-three
Your press operators will discover that the MF series is easy to learn to operate. Changing from job to job, does not require adjustments of blades, anilox or ink rollers. Only when the substrate thickness changes, there is a tiny need of adjustments, which takes just a minute. This will improve the press uptime, print efficiency and reduces waist of material.

Optimal flexibility that suits your printing processes
The MF Series has a modular design. You can tailor the press exactly to your printing process and requested label designs. The modular design will allow you adding process stations, such as cold foil, rotary screen or rotogravure, supporting you in printing complex label designs.

DOWELL MD Series Hybrid Flexo Printing Machine
Flexo Station
Cold Foil Station
Rotary Screen Station
Gravure Station

Support through user friendly software
The modular design combined with our user friendly software, allows you to move stations around to realize the most challenging label designs.

Your next step
Reach out to us and we will inventory your printing challenges and press design a “suit to fit”.

Technical Data MF
Machine Type330420520
Speed (m/min) (feet/min)150 (495)150 (495)150 (495)
Print Web Width (mm)330420520
Print Repeat (mm) min – max269.88 – 619.13269.88 – 619.13269.88 – 619.13
Maximum Web Width (mm)360450550
Maximum Unwind Diameter (mm)1,0001,0001,000
Maximum Rewind Diameter (mm)1,0001,0001,000
UV Curing Power (W/Inch)400 – 600400 – 600400 – 600
Technical Data MD
Print Head TypeKyocera 600 dpi
Ink TypeUV Ink (CMYK)
ResolutionMaximum 600 x 600 dpi
(at speed of 75 m/min – 250 ft/min)
Print SpeedMaximum 150 m/min (495 ft/min)
(resolution at 600 x 300 dpi)
Print WidthMaximum 332 mm (13″)

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