MG Series Gravure Combination

Challenges of Gravure Printing
The flexible packaging market is high demanding: more colors, short runs and high quality print. These challenges are calling for a flexible and cost efficient printing solution.

DOWELL solutions addressing your challenges
DOWELL has engineered the MG series. Years of Swiss engineering experience has lead to a direct servo driven gravure printing technology solution for narrow and mid web flexible packaging markets. The MG series combines the smallest possible foot print with efficiency in printing.

MG Series : State of the Art Technology
The MG Series is a user friendly, quiet press, engineered to optimize cost efficient printing of flexible packaging.
The direct servo driven technology provides you tighter registration and higher automation, reducing set-up times and waste of expensive print material. This will lead to higher print efficiency.
The standard registration combined with a short web path makes the MG Series to the smallest foot print in the industry.

High Flexibility
The servo driven technology of the MG Series offers a unique flexibility, enabling to process flexible packaging printing from roll to sheet. You can combine the gravure print technology with flexo print technology, hot or cold foil, embossing, slitting, sheeting or die cutting in one run.

Gravure Print Station
Flexo Print Station
Scaling Output Conveyor

Support through user friendly software
Our user friendly software, makes the MG Series easy to operate.

Your next step
Reach out to us and we will inventory your printing challenges and press design a “suit to fit”.

Technical Data
Machine Type420520620
Speed (m/min) / (f/min)150 / (495)150 / (495)150 / (495)
Print Width Web (mm)420520620
Print Repeat (mm) min – max269.88 – 619.13269.88 – 619.13269.88 – 619.13
Maximum Web Width (mm)450550650
Maximum Unwind Diameter (mm)100010001000
Maximum Rewind Diameter (mm)100010001000
UV Curing Power (W/Inch)400 – 600400 – 600400 – 600

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