Flexoclean Deepwave for deep cleaning of anilox rolls

Meet the latest development in your valuable anilox deep clean treatment: The Flexoclean Deepwave. The game changer in anilox deep cleaning, as the Deepwave offers a fully automatized cleaning and water rinsing process. After using the Deepwave, you achieve full volume of your anilox, which contributes that your printing staff will achieve your color requirements quickly.

At the same time, the combined powerful spray and suction head will support you to be in compliance with the strictest company safety policies: there is no vaporization of water, cleanser or other material during deep cleaning. This contributes to realizing a clean and safe pre-press working environment.

This best in class anilox deep cleaning solution can be used both in-line as well as off-line.

Flexoclean offers also a step-in model deep cleaning solution that processes solely automated water rinsing, as the next phase to manual deep cleaning with Flexoclean Anilox Power Boost. This handy model has a very small footprint, provides the best deep cleaning results and contributes at the same time to a clean and a safe pre-press working environment.

Flexoclean Deepwave for anilox cleaning

Technical Specifications
Cleaner Volume20 literOperational Temperature25o C
Tank Volume60 literWater Supply3/4″
Pressure83 BarTotal weight50 kg
Suction Unit2 x 1200 WWeight guiding mount20 kg
Total Output4 kWMinimum Cleaning Height70 cm
Voltage/Amperage380 / 16 V/AMaximum Cleaning Height250 cm
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