The Flexoclean Approach

Anilox…. the heart of your flexo press
When you choose an anilox for your job, you base your decision on getting a continuous, precise and constant ink delivery to your flexo plate. When utilizing the anilox, it is unavoidable that dry ink will build up in the anilox cells. A balanced anilox cleaning strategy will contribute to your expectations of precise and constant ink delivery.

How do we support you?
UPrint Technologies has a systematic approach in helping you finding the right anilox cleaning strategy. It is in our DNA, since we are convinced that better cleaning results in better printing. Our systematic approach consists of four steps: analyzing, proposing, executing and evaluating.

Analyzing your cleaning needs
You will start to experience the unique Flexoclean approach through our analysis based upon 25 years of knowledge and specially developed analyzing equipment. Your cleaning needs are being tested in our laboratory and based upon your specific processes we will develop a tailor made concept to support your cleaning requirements.

Proposing a balanced cleaning concept
In the next step you will receive our concept for daily and periodic cleaning of

  • anilox rolls
  • flexo plate (photopolymer or UP-Flex Plate)
  • screen cleaning (for example Printing Mesh)
  • equipment and spare parts cleaning

Evaluating your cleaning results
Once you have established more experience benefiting from our cleaning supplies, we will schedule a follow-up to evaluate our solution, perform some deep cleaning and also analyze consumption to provide you the most economical dosing systems.

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