RKS Rotary Screen Squeegee type RS

The RKS rotation squeegee type RS is a highly flexible squeegee blade. The required parameters such as squeegee angle, parallel and pressure can still be set without taking any form or memory during or after use of the squeegee.
It is printing results that matters 
The design of a RKS RS squeegee will improve your printing efficiency. In comparison to the commonly used standard stainless steel blade, the RKS RS will enable a substantial higher printing speed (up to 15% increase), with no compromise to the desired printing quality.

A squeegee that last long
The insoluble bond between the career and the elastic print edge, a unique innovation by RKS, provides you a longer lifetime of the squeegee. And what is more, the design of the squeegee tip is less invasive to the screen, resulting in an increased life expectancy of your screen.

A squeegee that fit with every Rotary Screen Print Head
No Rotary Screen Print Head is the same. It is for that reason that RKS RS can be made fit to use for the most popular Rotary Screen Print Head.

Standardize your Rotary Screen Printing Process
The advanced RKS RS rotary screen blades support standardization of Rotary Screen printing: no matter the speed or design of your print job.

Our research and development, working closely with Rotary Screen Print Head OEM, has created a squeegee that complements the required specific parameters settings in realizing the quality demands of high end printing requirements.

A squeegee can only be assigned as RKS RS rotary blade when it is made from the very best glass fibre support and irremovable highly resistant Vulkolan ® for this product type

In conclusion, the RKS RS squeegee gives you improved printing results, reduces your print down time and are more economical in use.

Let us help you to find the right specifications for your Rotary Screen Printing Head

Blade Height (H)Optional up to 50 mm high
Blade Length (L)Optional up to 2,800 mm long
Shore Hardness (A)55 Shore
65 Shore
75 Shore
80 Shore
KR (small radius)
GR (large radius)
VU Strength (T)1.5 mm (thickness)
3.0 mm (thickness)
VU Height (h)ca. 13.8 mm Support thickness (t)
ca. 0,8 mm GFK
  • highly flexible, stabilized double component blade
  • printe edge (VU) insolubly bonded to carrier
  • defined plain parallel surface, ground print side, and edge
  • excellent surface characteristics of print edge
  • RKS RS blades are ready to print

  • higher printing speed (up to 15%)
  • excellent quality solid and fine print
  • significantly longer lifetime of screen
  • significantly longer lifetime of RKS squeegee compared to stainless steel
  • outstanding material qualities
  • increased efficiency
  • cost savings through lower blade consumption
  • reduction of maintenance
Choose the right Shore A for your application
High ink deposit (f.e. Braile)(T) = 3.0 mm / (A) = 55 Shore (DIN A)
Conventional Print (Solid)(T) = 2.0 mm / (A) = 65 Shore (DIN A)
Fine line and text(T) = 1.5 mm / (A) = 80 Shore (DIN A)
Order Example

Order Example

You want to order 10 pieces of RKS RS Rotary blades, with a height of 35 mm, with 1.5 mm VU Thickness, length of 365 mm, Shore hardness of 75 and a large radius

Your order line
10 x RKS RS 35/1.5/75 LG 365 mm GR

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