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Providing you solutions for your pre-press room is our passion. UPrint Technologies offers highly innovative and environmental conscious solutions for flexo plate, metal back plate (used in two piece can printing), rotary silk screen making, and cleaners for various applications.

Efficiency and quality in flexo plate making
Achieve the highest resolution and optimal registration in flexo plate making through the combination of UP Flex Plate and AKK Cosmos Flexo Plate Engraving. Easy in use in process and software, with a small footprint, the AKK Cosmos enables a resolution up to 5,080 dpi. UP Flex Plate is an EPDM material, that only requires engraving followed by rinsing with water, before it is ready to print. The sophisticated software enables to engrave flexo plates on a print cylinder, eliminating the flexo plate mounting process and therefore improves registration in the press. The flexo plate making process has never been that simple, efficient and fast.

The future of Two-Piece Can Printing
For the two-piece can printing application, UPrint Technologies offers a metal back EPDM and the AKK Cosmos engraving solution. This aligned combination is a clean, easy in use and fast. A powerful exhaust unit removes EPDM dust, that can be disposed with normal waist material. The unique YAG laser source provides accurate and high resolution for high quality can printing. The UPrint Technologies metal back plate material is durable, last long and is therefore cost effective in printing.

AKK DLI for printing screen imaging
Faster, Sharper, Efficient…. meet the future in screen imaging
Your screen making process has never been faster and more efficient with the AKK DLI Rotary. This easy to operate screen imaging solution is the digital equivalent to film imaging of screens, with the same sharpness and crispiness. The unit exposes the rotary (or plate) screen and only needs a wash out after exposing.

Better cleaning, better printing
Whether it is your flexo plate, printing screen, or anilox a clean tool will support you in achieving quicker the required color. UPrint Technologies recommends Flexoclean for cleaning your printing tools. Flexoclean cleansers are highly effective, without causing damage to your tools, and do not create foam. And what is more, Flexoclean develops cleaners with very limited environmental impact and without hazardous ingredients. That makes Flexoclean your trustworthy partner in keeping your ink room clean and well maintained.

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