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UPrint Specialty Screens Non Woven

Your customer expects consistent high quality of dot coating. UPrint Technologies has the right solution for dot coating on non-wovens, our CP-series.

Our unique technology achieves a combination of high open area with large hole size, resulting in optimized deposit of coating with sharp edges. The randomized hole position also avoids moire.

Besides the CP-series, UPrint Technologies can also support you in finding a specific solution for your printing application or requirements. Typical applications for which we can provide you a solution are hydro-entanglement, suction for de-airing and conveying or any specific pattern transfer.

Specification Sheet Non-Woven

MeshThickness (um)Open Area (%)Hole Size (um)

Repeat in mm (inch) : 640 (25″) – 914 (36″)

Length in mm : 1,450 – 1,780 – 1,980 – 2,000

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