UPrint Technologies, LLC starts distributing state of the art RK-S squeegees

UPrint Technologies, LLC is proud to announce its distributorship of RK-S in North America. The RK-S squeegee program is a logical extension of the product portfolio of UPrint Technologies. RK-S RS Type squeegees work perfectly with UPrint Mesh for label printing. For plate material (such as Screeny), RK-S offers for each Gallus narrow web printing machine a dedicated squeegee.

Better Printing Results
By understanding that a squeegee contributes to a better print result and higher efficiency, RK-S is supporting the printing industry by providing high quality products, made up of polyurethane, carbon fibre or glass fibre reinforced plastics.

RKS Philosophy
It is the philosophy of RK-S to find or develop the right blade solution through working closely with the printer and in true wish to contribute in solving the printing issues. By actively participating in several forums that have the objective to exchange knowledge and improve the competitiveness of printing technology, RKS is demonstrating its commitment to various industries.

Top Priority: Quality and Continuous Innovation
The persuasion that the right squeegee contributes to improved printing result is reflected in the company focus and product portfolio. This has resulted in a comprehensive product program of systems and stabilized squeegee blades, squeegee grinder, peripherals as well as special application solutions. It is clear, that RK-S considers the production of state of the art high quality blades as a science rather than a side activity. That is why RK-S considers high quality and innovation as the top priorities.

UPrint Technologies
UPrint Technologies is a solution provider for the graphics printing industry. The RK-S philosophy fits seamlessly with UPrint Technologies’ product portfolio. The unique material composition of RKS squeegees are adjacent to the high quality Mesh of UPrint Technologies. The combination of high quality squeegee and Mesh will contribute to print quality, print efficiency and reduction of squeegee consumption.

With the addition of the RK-S squeegee program, UPrint Technologies provides the label printer a “one stop shopping” experience, with Mesh, End Rings, Gear Wheels and recently also squeegees.

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