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Functional Textile Finishing


An enclosed Application System with extraction capabilities especially designed for critical chemicals to ensure a clean working environment. Applications range from the Nonwovens Industry to Textiles, Plastic Film and Tissue. Liquid finishes include for instance Antimicrobials, Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic, Softeners, Flame Retardant, Silicones, Oily Lubricants, Resins and many more…

The WEKO Protect in brief

The fluid is evenly distributed over the web through fast spinning rotor discs by centrifugal forces. Therefore, a uniform film of ultra-fine droplets is created.

A Safe and Clean Way of Textile Finishing

Thanks to the encapsulated the functional textile finishing is safe. Undoubtedly, this solution protects significantly against escaping of aerosols. Furthermore, it creates a clean working environment. The building of the web is easy and fast. A highly efficient extraction unit provides the desired protection, once the unit is closed.

How to start?

UPrint Technologies has a very advanced team, that will advise you about the possibilities of the WEKO technology. With your call, we will get you started and experience how the WEKO technology will improve the digital printing results. We also offer the option to run test trials or provide equipment loaners for dedicated performance test.

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