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Supplies for screen printing
Supplies for label printing

Image is everything

In order for brand owners to compete in certain highly competitive markets – wine, beauty, specialty foods – image is everything. And the LABELMesh screens for label printing process provides effects that can bring a label to another level.

Screen printing allows for printing on substrates of any shape, thickness, or size. It also allows for printing front and backside of a clear label to ensure that lettering shines through, and clear labels on dark-colored bottles or tubes are often printed with screen white. Also, a greater thickness of the ink can be applied to the substrate than is possible with other printing techniques, allowing for the creation of effects such as tactile and Braille, glitter, scratch offs and raised text. Also, gold and silver screen inks are often used in lieu of foil.

UPrint Technologies…combining supplies for quality screen printing with low TCO

Providing you the highest added value in screen printing is UPrint Technologies’ vision. Consequently, we strive for superior product quality combined with excellent services and solutions. And so you will benefit from UPrint’s commitment through realizing high-quality LabelMesh rotary screen label printing results at the lowest possible operational costs. That is how we define game-changing in screen printing.

Hence, to support you in realizing your high printing quality objectives, UPrint Technologies has developed an aligned range of solutions for rotary silk screen printing:

LABELMesh Screen for label printing

Rotary Mesh (Silk) Screen

Supplies for label printing

High Precision End Rings

Robust Gear Wheels (born from bakelite)

End Ring and Gear Wheel

High Precision Squeegees

Auxiliaries for Screen Making and Screen Printing

Long lasting squeegee

The insoluble bond, for instance, between the carrier and the elastic print edge, a unique innovation by RKS, provides you a longer lifetime of the squeegee. What’s more, the design of the squeegee tip is less abrasive to the Mesh, resulting in an increased life expectancy of your screen.

Supplies for screen printing

LABELMesh : Rotary (Silk) Screens for Label Printing

A UPrint LABELMesh Rotary Silk Screen for label printing is a Mesh screen electroformed from nickel. A dimensional repeat precision up to 0.01 mm provides you a more economical solution, while keeping excellent print quality. Typical applications are found in label printing to give that high-end look that no other process can deliver, for example when a true “no label” look is desired. Other applications where you can use rotary screen are for example printing tactile (braille), combination varnishes, scent, metallic, high opacity white and color shifting effects.

High Precision End Rings

High precision auxilaries contribute to the perfect label print result. Therefore UPrint Technologies supplies end rings that have a high dimensional precision of TIR of +/- 0.0005″. Because the repeat size of the end ring is laser engraved, the end ring is easy to track.

Robust Gear Wheels

Furthermore, the highly precise gear wheels are made from robust bakelite. This sturdy material will last longer compared to glass fibre, traditionally used to manufacture gear wheels.

A one of a kind industrialized LABELMesh Rotary Screen making process consisting only two steps

Once you choose for UPrint Rotary Silk Screen combined with the AKK DLI Screen imager you also choose for a standardized two-step screen making process:

  1. image with high resolution AKK DLI Screen Imaging laser solution (emulsion exposing)
  2. next you wash-out in an AKK screen washer

You now have access to provide your customers a competitive edge, since you offer the highest print quality and high production efficiency, short time to press and that all against the lowest price.

Complete range of screen making as well as screen reclaiming essentials

UPrint Technologies offers a complete range of screen making as well as screen reclaiming essentials, powered by AMEX.

UPrint Technologies helps you in choosing the right Mesh for your print job:

Technical Data

Mesh (holes/inch)30020012575
Open Area (%) 1715131182515404030
Hole Size (microns)34333028245278214214190
Max. particle size (microns)111110981726717163
Ink Deposit thickness (micros)141210961715806040
Finest line width (mm)
Fine line & textvvvvv
Halftone & vignettevvv
Coarse line & textvvvvvvv
Opaque solid, line, and textvvvvvvvv
Tactile (braile)vvv

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