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Choosing the right squeegee


It is about choosing the right squeegee

When choosing the right squeegee for rotary screen printing, you will achieve higher efficiency and improved printing quality. Therefore, you want to work with a specialist, who understands the squeegee benefits. UPrint Technologies is your squeegee specialist, powered by RKS.

Choosing the right squeegee for rotary screen printing will contribute to higher efficiency and printing quality. HQ of RKS
Head Quarter of RKS

RKS. Established in 1984

When Rudolf August Kuerten established RKS in 1984, he had the ambition to improve the printing quality by providing continuous input to screen printing. Since then, RKS has grown into a world class market leader in squeegee blades to different printing industries.

Better Printing Results

When the right squeegee contributes to a better printing result, it requires the supply of repeatable quality. Thus, RKS is supporting the printing industry by providing high quality products, made up of polyurethane, carbon fibre or glass fibre reinforced plastics.

RKS Philosophy

The philosophy of RKS is to find or develop the right squeegee solution. When working closely with you and a true wish to contribute in improving your rotary screen printing quality. And also by actively participating in several forums that have the objective to exchange knowledge and improve the competitiveness of printing technology, RKS is demonstrating its commitment to various industries.

Top Priority: Quality and Continuous Innovation

The persuasion that the right squeegee contributes to improved printing result is reflected in the company focus and product portfolio. Therefore, this has resulted in a comprehensive product program of systems and stabilized squeegee blades, squeegee grinder, peripherals as well as special application solutions. It is clear, that RKS considers the production of state of the art high quality blades as a science rather than a side activity. That is why RKS considers high quality and innovation as their top priority.

Choosing the right squeegee will contribute to higher efficiency and improved printing quality. RKS RS type is made of a stable carrier and UV resistant polyurethan,
RKS RS Squeegee (with long radius)

UPrint Technologies, your competent partner

Since the establishment of the company, RKS is a world class market leader in polyurethane and carbon fibre two component blades. UPrint Technologies is the proud distributor of RKS products in North and Central America. The many years of dedicated knowledge and experience makes RKS a competent partner.

RKS company video
Choosing the right squeegee will contribute to improved rotary screen printing. Meet RKS, a reliable source for your right squeegee

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